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Properties New To The Market This Week From Richard Kendall Estate Agent

‘I never thought that I’d say this about an estate agent but it is fair to say that Richard Kendall fully justified their fee in this transaction!

Whilst I almost exclusively dealt with Melanie I got the impression that she was supported by a solid team of staff’

- Simon, January 2016


Smithy Ridge House & Smithy Ridge Mews, Haigh

The Granary Home Farm, West Bretton, Wakefield

Addingford Hill, Shepstye Road, Horbury

Smithy Brook Lane, Dewsbury

Wicket Drive, Wakefield

Cross Road, Middlestown

Wicket Drive, St Johns, Wakefield

Snydale Avenue, Normanton

The Courtyard, Woolley, Wakefield

Kingsway Close, Ossett

Westfield Road, Horbury

Westfield Grove, Wakefield

Mountbatten, Avenue, Sandal, Wakefield

Pinders Grove, Wakefield

Seal Cottage, Elsicker Lane, Warmfield, Wakefield

Henley Avenue, Thornhill

Gleneagles Drive, Normanton

The Sycamores, Horbury

Major Street, Thornes, Wakefield

Fairfield Avenue, Ossett

Ledgard Drive, Durker, Wakefield

Church Lane, Normanton

Morris Fields, Normanton

Brentlea Aveneue, Wakefield

Lingwell Gate Lane, Lofthouse, Wakefield

Trinity View, Ossett

Eskdale Road, Wakefield

Thornes Moor Road, Wakefield

Cambridge Street, Normanton

Kirkcaldy Fold, Normanton

Meadowfields Drive, Crofton, Wakefield

Nell Gap Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield

Ryecroft Street, Ossett

High Green Road, Altofts

Hollin Drive, Durkar, Wakefield

Industrial Street, Horbury

Lapwing View, Horbury

King Street, Normanton

129 Swithenbank Avenue, Ossett

Blenheim Road, St Johns, Wakefield

Queen Elizabeth Drive, Normanton

King Street, Ossett

Moxon Place, Wakefield

Westleigh, Ossett

Plumpton Street, Wakefield

Greenbank Road, Altofts

Gaskell Drive, Horbury

Shelley Walk, Stanley, Wakefield

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